APB Suffering From Bad Reviews

PC Gamer has reviewed All Points Bulletin and gave it a dastardly low score. We’re talking 55% here.

The game, which our own Tom Hoeler found addictive, exciting, and frankly, awesome at PAX East, will hope to whether bad reviews. The game currently has a 65% metascore on Metacritic, which isn’t so hot, at all.

Luckily, it’s user score is slightly higher, and 6.6, and at least one site, GamingXP, enjoyed the game enough to reward with an 87.

Unfortunately, PC Gamer said that the shooter controls are awkward, the driving is terrible, and the graphics are glitchy, all adding up to a “meh” experience. Just not great.

They did say, however, that there were times when the game was as exciting as anything they’ve come across and that the customization is pretty unique.

Hopefully things can pick up as the community grows larger, and maybe the developers can put out a few patches that will fix the problems. But it sounds like the problem may be beyond patchable. Yikes.