E3 2010: Does Star Wars: The Old Republic Have Your Attention?

Lucas Arts is showing up in a big way for E3 this year. Two of its biggest franchises, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 and the soon to be launched Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO both released astounding cinematic trailers. The Old Republic in particular released a five plus minute trailer depicting the battle on Alderaan (yes that Alderaan), a battle which players will be able to take part in during the game. Normally a cool cinematic trailer wouldn’t be too much to shake a stick at. Any company can put together a nice trailer, what we want is gameplay. Yet, there’s something that just can’t be missed with this one. The quality and intensity are completely off the charts. Couple that with the cinematic trailer released last year, showing the attack on the Jedi Temple and we’ve got something incredibly special brewing. The quality of these trailers is on par with and dare I say, surpasses even what Blizzard has put out in the past for World of Warcraft and its other properties.

To this point, we may have been able to cast The Old Republic aside, but with this last trailer as well as the wealth of trailers and gameplay info, not to mention word that it is the most expensive Bioware game ever created, there is no more ignoring or denying The Old Republic. If this trailer is any indication, and I’m of the opinion that it is, WoW is going to have quite a competitor when The Old Republic finally launches in early 2011.

Tom Hoeler

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