E3 2010: Sunflex’s Snakebyte MiniMote, Honey I Shrunk The Controller

Sunflex Europe, a third-party accesory developer, is bringing their tools to the USA this E3 and one of the first nifty controllers they’ve announced is the Snakebyte MiniMote. “The MiniMote has all the features of its big brother, just in a smaller package, which ensures better accessibility of the buttons.”

Seeing how our, say, larger part of the gaming community is already covered by the Remote XL+ it makes perfect sense that the children should be as well. Speaking from personal experience, children plus a WiiMote they can barely grasp is a dangerous concoction. I’ve seen these things fly through windows before. Heck, I’ve seen WiiMotes hit other people. Hopefully with the Snakebyte MiniMote that fear will be moot.