Mass Effect Citadel Built From LEGO’s

Take a close look. This isn’t a screenshot of The Citadel from Mass Effect. It’s actually a LEGO model built using your standard LEGO pieces.

Flickr user Catsy (who we assume is a huge fan) created the LEGO Citadel using more than 1,000 translucent orange and plain black LEGO pieces, and it took him just a few days to put together. It looks highly realistic, and quite frankly, even an actual LEGO Mass Effect set probably couldn’t do much better. Pretty amazing dedication to the series and to LEGO’s.

If you’re a fan of the game, check out the images after the break for some awe-inspiring “woah” moments as you gaze upon the Reaper-created, single-largest structure in the Universe.

Image source: Kotaku