Half-Life 2 Arrives for Mac Today

Valve announced that Half-Life 2 is now available for the Mac via a press release.

“The third round of Steam for the Mac launch titles are available now. This week’s collection includes the Half-Life 2 (HL2) series of games (Half-Life 2, Episode One, and Episode Two) and Eve Online: Tyranis.”

The release also introduces Steam Cloud, which allows players to save their progress on one platform, say, a PC and pick up the game where you left it on a Mac later.

In addition to the debut of Steam Cloud, the new release of Half-Life 2 for the Mac also includes over 40 new Steam Achievements. All of which is available for 30% off the regular price. That means that gamers can get Half-Life 2 for an astounding $6.99. This is one of the greatest games of all time, so PC and Mac gamers should be listening up. Everyone should play Half-Life 2. We mean it. You’ll punish yourself if you don’t ever try a crack at it. It’s brilliant. We can’t speak highly enough of it. Buy it now. Go. What are you waiting around here for?

Geoff Calver

Founder and Editor-in-Chief. Game lover. XBL Gamertag: GeoffCalver

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