New Dead Space 2 Screens Scared Up

New Dead Space 2 screens have arrived courtesy of EuroGamer, who also posted an excellent preview of the game.

According to the preview, the game will take place on one of Saturn’s moons and will be set within a mine and, more interestingly, in a city known as Sprawl. According to the article, the new environments allow for a more “organic” setting. “A very different look, that’s still distinctly Dead Space.”

Luckily the preview also suggests that Isaac will be much less of an errand boy this time around, which we are thankful for because if any part of the first game was truly frustrating it was the amount of fetching of objects and opening of doors that Isaac had to perform.

Check out the screens after the break and be sure to check out EuroGamer’s preview.[nggallery id=34]