Review – Feeding Frenzy 2 Shipwreck Showdown

In this fast-paced sequel, players are challenged in an underwater adventure to dodge predators and eat their way up the food chain. Shrink Shrooms, Lightning Bolts and other power-ups help players avoid becoming lunch for the larger predators. You will change playable fish as the game progresses, and you’ll play as a Clown fish and all the way up to a Great White Shark.

With sixty levels to play, this game brings quite a bit of fun for its low price, but that fun is probably geared more to the younger crowd. With an easy mode that is fairly easy to play, most kids will be able to pick up a controller and dive right in without any problems.

Up to four players can join in on one console, as long as you have 4 controllers, so the game can be used for a small party.They can either play through the story mode or compete against each other in ten different multiplayer modes.

The multiplayer party games are:

  • Tailbite Tag where you earn points for biting the other player’s tails
  • Midnight Munchies where you race to eat in the dark
  • Chomp ‘n’ Chase where you become the Gold Herring and others try to eat you
  • Oysterama where the race is on for pearls
  • Bug Buffet where you race to eat above water
  • Gold Rush where the prize is the Gold Herring
  • Munch-a-thon where you put the feedbag on and eat as much as possible in a minute
  • Belly Flop where you flip above water as much as possible
  • Detox Detail where you spit out as many poisonous fish as possible
  • Starbubble Shuffle where you eat as many starfish bubbles as possible

The graphics for the game aren’t ground breaking, but they aren’t hard on the eyes either. They are very smooth and colorful, and the detail is very nice. The different fish are detailed nicely as well.

Feeding Frenzy 2 Shipwreck Showdown is a fun little game with a low price. With sixty levels and ten different types of multiplayer modes, it gives quite a bit of fun time for the younger crowd. Remote Play for your PSP is also available, for those of you that like that feature.

Not really a game for the ages, but if you have younger gamers around, they’ll want to dive.