id Software: Doom 4 Will Be Awesome

While id Software is working on Rage, they are also in the beginning stages of putting together Doom 4, which will update the Doom storyline after Doom 3 was essentially a remake of Doom with stunning graphics.

id has always been at the forefront of graphics and first-person shooter gameplay, which is why it should come as no surprise that Doom 4 will be amazingly awesome. But, if you don’t already believe that perhaps id can convince you. Speaking to Xbox 360 Achievements at a Bethesda press event, id’s Creative Director, Tim Willits said, “It’s gonna be cool. It’s gonna be awesome.”

He continued, saying, “Hopefully, it’ll be even more awesome than Rage. For us as a company, every game needs to be better than the last. I truly believe that Rage is the best game we’ve ever made. When we made Doom 3 I said, Doom 3 is the best game we’ve ever made and Rage will be better.

“Hopefully. Doom 4 needs to be even more awesome than Rage.”

The game won’t be shown in any capacity at E3 unfortunately. We’ll have to wait until Quakecon comes along in August in order to learn all about Doom 4. In the meantime, though, we will get to see Rage in action, and from early previews it sounds amazing.

Rage will be arriving on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC next year.

Source: Xbox 360 Achievements