Call of Duty: Black Ops Officially Revealed

The official teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops was revealed early Saturday morning on GameTrailers TV. You can check out the trailer after the break, which shows off numerous locations and indicates settings spanning more than a decade of the Cold War.

Black Ops is being developed by TreyArch. It will focus on Black Ops teams who infiltrate areas behind enemy lines during the Cold War. While nothing has been confirmed it appears that the game will see players trudging through the snow in the Soviet Union, shooting their way through the jungles of South America and Vietnam, flying high above the planet in a reconnaissance plane and infiltrating Castro’s strongholds in Cuba.

It is due to arrive in November and it will be interesting to see audience reaction in terms of sales after Modern Warfare 2 was such a huge hit but was marred by glitches and cheats. Are people still extra-pumped about the next Call of Duty game? Or is Call of Duty slowly dropping off people’s radars?