Topatoi: Easy Mode is Now Available and Episodes 1 & 2 to be Bundled Up.

Boolat Games is glad to introduce a new easy mode to their previously published PS3/PSN exclusive platform/adventure Topatoi. This new difficulty mode is now available to all Topatoi’s owners on the US, European Union and Asia as a free patch. Therefore, the latest version of Topatoi has two difficulty modes available – casual and simulator. The casual mode’s been set by default.

With casual mode players can simply use the left stick to control their whirligig vehicles, similar to the most of 3D platform/adventure games. An in-game ‘automatic transmission’ does the rest of the job. Those players who seek challenge and want to earn more bonus points may switch to simulator mode which uses the previous complex control scheme.

Moreover, from April 8th a Bundle of two episodes – ‘The Great Tree Story’ and ‘Pillar of the Skies’ available on the US, EU and Asian PlayStation Stores. The price for both episodes in a Bundle is €9.99/$13.99.

Topatoi is a platform/adventure saga with two storyline episodes and plenty of additional arcade levels for single player, co-op and split-screen action. In the game the player controls an unusual explorer vehicle that works like a spinning top. Its spin needs to be controlled carefully, as it affects the device’s movement and behavior. However, with the latest update a new easy mode becomes available. Now players can pay less attention to controlling their vehicle and become more immersed in a colorful and interactive game world.

Check the official website at for more information, including screenshots, in-game videos and trailers.

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Check out the latest screenshots below: