Civilization V’s Extreme Diplomacy Mode Announced

Civilization II was a game I played frequently as a kid. It was one of the first games I owned and it required brains, dedication and was highly replayable. I played Civilization II for years, and though I missed the release of Civilization III, I also played massive amounts of Civilization IV on my Macbook and on my PC. So, the news that Civilization V will be coming later this year has me visibly excited.

Today, 2K Games gave me even greater reason to be excited. Extreme Diplomacy Mode. A press release issued by 2K announced the new game mode, which pits world leaders against each other in a fight to the death.

“Should normal diplomacy or military might fail to resolve conflicts between empires, Extreme Diplomacy would allow two world leaders to enter a death match and fight to the finish, using special attacks and finishing moves. Two world leaders enter; one world leader leaves. The victor will obtain complete control of the challenger’s world empire.”

In addition to announcing the new game mode, 2K revealed both an “Uber Edition” and revealed some of the world leader’s special attacks and finishing moves.

The “Uber Edition” of Sid Meier’s Civilization V will include an “optional eight-button joystick to bring the classic fighting arcade game feel to these Extreme Diplomacy battles.” Perfect if you want to get your Mortal Kombat in during the middle of a strategy game. No word on how competent the AI will be at fighting, but we can assume world supremacy won’t come easily. Remember, one loss and you’re done. Use Extreme Diplomacy carefully, folks!

Some of the announced special attacks and finishing moves include:

  • George Washington’s Uncle Slam Attack
  • Oda Nobunaga’s Tsunami Train Attack
  • Otto von Bismarck’s Hurricane Helmet Spike Attack
  • Ramesses II’s Phalanx of the Leopard Army
  • Montezuma’s Revenge of the Aztec Army
  • Napoleon’s Complex Military Strike

Look forward to more information on the Extreme Diplomacy mode over the next few weeks leading up to E3, when, hopefully, we’ll have a chance to try it out and experience a new way to conquer the world.

P.S. Thanks 2K for a great April Fool’s press release!  ; – )