What Games Did You First Love?

Well, for a while we put up gaming questions of the day and then they just kind of went away. I suppose a question every day was a little excessive, but what if you are sitting around, typing articles and you suddenly think of a nostalgic moment and just have to know something? Well, that’s what just happened to me. I was sitting around, finishing up an article on the rumored Xbox 360 slim when it occurred to me that I would love to know what games formed your love for gaming.

Seriously, I want to know what games drove you to say, “Wow, I love this.”

For me, those games were on the PC. I never owned a console until college and I grew up on a Windows 95 (and in seventh grade, Windows 98!) computer playing Civilization II, Sim City 2000 and most importantly, King’s Quest VI. I never looked back. Those games opened my imagination and made me want to shout with joy.

Oh, and then there was Oregon Trail and Prince of Persia 2 and Age of Empires II and Half-Life: Uplink (yes, the demo for Half-Life). I could go on and on…

What games drove you to love gaming? Comment below and let us know!