PS3 3D Is Coming

We still don’t have exact details on which PS3 3D games we can expect in the near future – all we know is that “a lot” of developers are working on them.

Earlier this month we reported that the PS3 is likely to receive a firmware update in June that will allow it to play compatible 3D games, but speculation over what exactly those games will be remains rife.

Sony are tight-lipped regarding the move to 3D – could this be linked to the recent reveal of the PlayStation Move? It would make sense for the company to keep quiet about 3D for the time being to maximize the exposure of the new Move technology.

Whatever the reason for the secrecy, a tantalising glimpse into the future has been revealed by Ian Bickerstaff, Sony Computer Entertainment UK’s senior stereoscopic 3D engineer. When asked how many developers are currently working on 3D games, he replied: “It’s all a bit confidential, but a lot, let’s put it that way. We’ve been amazed by the enthusiasm from the developers.”

So is this it? Is the 3D revolution around the corner? From June, will every new FPS be emblazoned with a proud “Now In 3D!” sticker? Perhaps not. “I think the uptake is going to depend on the uptake of 3D televisions,” says Ian.

“We’re not going to spend crazy, crazy amounts of money on 3D games expecting everyone tomorrow to have 3D TVs, clearly. But, we believe this is the future, and three or four years from now, you won’t be able to buy a television that doesn’t have a 3D capability.”

Certainly, this writer isn’t in a hurry to splash out several thousand on a new 3D TV, but the thought of Modern Warfare 2 in 3D is a tantalising one. And with all these developers getting in on the 3D action, surely it’s a matter of “when”, not “if”.