Splinter Cell: Conviction Demo Arriving March 18

The recently-announced Splinter Cell: Conviction demo will be arriving on Xbox LIVE in just three days, according to a new Inside Xbox video.

The video is available for all to see on Xbox LIVE, and highlights portions of the demo. Sam Fisher’s return, several years in the making, will be arriving on April 13 in North America (April 15 Europe) and is the fifth game in the series. The game will follow Sam’s quest to discover who is behind the murder of his daughter and will feature a more violent, ruthless Sam Fisher. While the game will still incorporate significant amounts of stealth gameplay, it will also allow for more “obvious” confrontation such as taking human shields and executing with impunity. Sam Fisher will also be able to interrogate his enemies, and along the course of the storyline, will discover an attempt to unleash a serious terrorist attack on Washington, DC.

The game is being made exclusively for the Xbox 360 and PC and an iPhone version will also arrive.

If you aren’t concerned with seeing portions of the demo and just can’t wait three days to experience any part of the demo, you can view the video on Xbox LIVE. Just don’t tell us how it all goes down (we want to keep it under wraps until the 18th.) Thanks!