BioWare: “At Some Point We’ll Go To Earth” in Mass Effect

Today at GDC 2010, BioWare’s Casey Hudson revealed that gamers will be able to go to Earth at some point in the Mass Effect storyline.

[Warning: Spoilers] New details are emerging about Kasumi’s Stolen Memory, the upcoming batch of DLC for Mass Effect 2 , and included in the details about the mission is the news that the mission will include a heist in which Shepard and Kasumi will open a vault containing statues of Michelangelo’s David and the Statue of Liberty. The heist is, according to a Kotaku preview, an ode to James Bond. Gamers will have to slip into formal attire to sneak into a party at the estate of Donovan Hock, where they will have to do some serious thieving and escaping.

The statues, according to Hudson, are a tease of what’s to come and of what’s happened to Earth in the Mass Effect universe. “At some point we will go to Earth,” he told Kotaku, though he refuses to say when.

In addition to the new weapon, achievement and new loyalty power that we revealed yesterday, Kasumi’s Stolen Memory will also add a new area of the player’s spaceship where Kasumi will hide out.

Hudson also revealed that BioWare is already at work on new DLC missions for Mass Effect 2, which will come to bear later this year. While you wait, check out some fresh screens from the DLC and get excited to add a 12th member to your squad and to experience Shepard in a Tuxedo (or an evening gown if you like your Shepard to be of the female variety).

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