Kasumi’s Stolen Memory DLC for Mass Effect 2 Arrives April 6

Mass Effect 2, this author’s favorite game of all time, has had plenty of DLC arriving over the past couple of months via The Cerberus Network, and all of it has been free. The only problem with the DLC has been that it’s all weapons (soon, a vehicle) and no action. That’s about to change because BioWare announced today that ‘Kasumi’s Stolen Memory’ will be arriving on April 6 and will add a 12th and final member to Shepard’s gang of misfits.

Kasumi’s Stolen Memory will be available at any point in your game. If you’re like me and you’ve already finished Mass Effect 2 but refuse to start a new game because it would “ruin” your Shepard’s story, don’t worry. Unlike in Mass Effect 1, you can actually play the DLC after you’ve finished the main storyline. So, if you’re like me you’ll just think of Kasumi as a member who you deemed unnecessary for the main mission. But, if you’re a ‘new game’ type of person or if you’re still recruiting members for your band of Reaper killers, you can pick up the mission at any point in your game as well.

Kasumi will be found on the Citadel and once she joins Shepard’s team, he will have the option to earn her loyalty by aiding Kasumi on a recovery mission. The mission will find them having to don disguises and survive a run-in with a powerful art collector. In addition to an hour and a half-long loyalty mission, the DLC will also reward players with a “Locust” SMG, a new achievement, and, if you win Kasumi’s loyalty, a flash-bang grenade loyalty power.

The price of the DLC has yet to be announced, but we’ll be sure to let you know how much it costs as soon as it’s announced. After all, like I said, this is my favorite game ever. So I’ll be paying attention. And by paying attention I mean bugging BioWare for a “review copy”.