More Random Dragon Age: Origins Trivia Than You Probably Need to Know

Last Fall Bioware released their epic fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins. The game took the conventional Dungeons and Dragons combat system and infused Bioware’s uncanny ability to write compelling characters and storylines.

Every so often Game Informer has a feature in their magazine in which they reveal tidbits of random information regarding major games. Their latest target was Dragon Age: Origins.

Among the factoids:

  • The Ogre was once affectionately known as Fluffy
  • 54.1 hours of audio when played back-to-back
  • Record QA speed playthough was over 12 hours using cheats on skipping all dialogue
  • 4,212 different crashes captured and fixed in the last year of development

Check out the full list at and receive +10 Nerdiness (I’m a level 22) and -5 disapproval from your boss if you’re reading this at work.

Alan Urtz

Alan Urtz is a journalism student at Penn State University and will be graduating in the Spring of 2010. Alan's passion for gaming began 18 years ago when his parents bought his family and NES for Christmas. His favorite genres include RPGs, action-adventure and shooters and favorite games include Resident Evil 4, Mass Effect, and Super Mario Bros. 3.

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