More Random Dragon Age: Origins Trivia Than You Probably Need to Know

Last Fall Bioware released their epic fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins. The game took the conventional Dungeons and Dragons combat system and infused Bioware’s uncanny ability to write compelling characters and storylines.

Every so often Game Informer has a feature in their magazine in which they reveal tidbits of random information regarding major games. Their latest target was Dragon Age: Origins.

Among the factoids:

  • The Ogre was once affectionately known as Fluffy
  • 54.1 hours of audio when played back-to-back
  • Record QA speed playthough was over 12 hours using cheats on skipping all dialogue
  • 4,212 different crashes captured and fixed in the last year of development

Check out the full list at and receive +10 Nerdiness (I’m a level 22) and -5 disapproval from your boss if you’re reading this at work.