Modern Warfare 2 Cure for ‘Mapathy’ Coming Soon

Infinity Ward says that help is on the way for gamers who “no longer [derive] pleasure from from blowing up people hiding in the cockpit or on top of the crane.”

Via a cheeky new website and a tweet from Creative Strategist Robert Bowling, the developer announced that a cure for Mapathy will be arriving for Xbox 360 gamers on March 30. We can only assume, given the name of the “affliction” that the website advertises as well as the description of “indifference to the same old maps”, that Infinity Ward will be dropping new multiplayer maps as a cure.

Nothing else is known yet, but the website promises more information will be revealed soon. Could that also include dates for a PC and PS3 DLC package? We’ll stay frosty for you.

Geoff Calver

Founder and Editor-in-Chief. Game lover. XBL Gamertag: GeoffCalver

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