The Rooster-Hatted Hero Returns

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive announced Scribblenauts 2, the sequel to the highly successful DS game Scribblenauts, is in production for a Fall 2010 release. Scribblenauts is an award winner puzzle game unique for its ability to recognize a seeming endless number of words and create them in game. Players could write or type ladder, vampire, helicopter, or sniper rifle and receive the desired item.

The new Scribblenauts is set to use multiple adjectives to add additional effects to the summoned items. These adjectives can be as simple as giving something color or modifying the item entirely, giving it new parameters and behaviors. Why just call for a vampire when you can call for a rabid vampire?

Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President, Development and Production, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, said “The Scribblenauts sequel gives all players an enhanced game experience they will love and new challenges where they can use their imaginations even more.” 5TH Cell is a very talented and creative developer and we are excited to add to the Scribblenauts franchise with this new game.”

The first Scribblenauts received a 79 on Metacritic, but was regarded as highly innovative and won multiple DS Game of the Year awards.