I Just Want to Play the Game

So, I’m sitting down for another fascinating adventure through Pokemon platinum, knowing all too well that a Crystal remake is coming. All I need to do is beat the Elite Four and explore the battle frontier and I’m set. But when I turn it on…I get distracted.

You see I have the DSi. At first (like anyone, I think) I was excited about the camera when the DSi came out. I said to myself, “Hey, since I take this everywhere I go, I will have a camera to capture all the funny moments in my life!” At first I loved playing with its cool features…then I realized that I was forgetting why I bought the DSi in the first place. To play my favorite games!

The PSP doesn’t deliver the same numbers of magical adventures that only RPG’s can bring (I know the PSP has a few good RPG titles, but their RPG library should be bigger). Additionally, I was drawn to the DS because of the touch screen feature. I’m all for total immersion in the things I love, and the stylus is a gateway to another world!

So now I’m thinking about all of these extra add ons, and it seems like Nintendo has somewhat moved away from good games. It’s true that Nintendo has been trying to reach a broader audience, and I have to admit the camera was a good idea. But for me, this takes away from the experience a tad bit.

Okay, so back to Pokémon, sort of. It’s too bad I don’t have the option to skip the main menu and dive straight into the game itself. I always get caught up in just taking one more picture, and messing with just one more silly face. I know not to expect Nintendo to feed the hardcore crowd as much as it used to, but can’t I hope for change?

I say Nintendo can please hardcore gamers while still expanding the fan base of the industry. They have done so many revolutionary things that I know that they can think of a way to make games that satisfy both groups, right?

What do you think?