iPad Arriving April 3

Apple announced today that the long-awaited iPad will be available to consumers on April 3. In addition, Apple announced that the iPad will launch with the largest video game catalog in the world.

Many of the games that release with the iPad will simply be iPhone titles that are designed for the smaller screen of Apple’s smart phone, but they will only cost 99 cents, and Apple has high hopes that developers will begin churning out just as many titles for the iPad as they have for their phone.

There will be 3 different models of the iPad available. For $499, gamers and computer aficionados alike can pick up a 16 GB, WiFi-only iPad. For $599, consumers can purchase the 32 GB, WiFi-only iPad while for $699, a 64 GB, WiFi-only iPad will be available. 3G versions will be released later in the month, which is especially sweet for consumers like myself who live out in the middle of nowhere and can’t get a cable connection. Thank goodness for 3G and cellphone towers!