Cross Platform Play Gets a Whole New Meaning

We all know it’s going to be a big year for Facebook, with free versions of big name titles like Madden coming to the site over the next twelve months. However, while all of these new games making appearances this year will undoubtedly attract a lot of online players, only one shows any true innovation.

Signal Studios’ newest game, Match Defense: Toy Soldiers, is a World War I themed match-three game, not unlike Bejeweled. In the beginning, players choose to join either the Allied forces or the Central forces, each of which is home to thousands of other players. Then the goal is to line up three or more similarly colored emblems to earn points and form combos, all while holding off waves of oncoming enemies. If players can make it through the battle without being overrun then they are awarded a toy, which gives them special abilities, and points, which help their army conquer more countries and eventually win the war.

The innovation will come into play next week, when Signal Studios releases Toy Soldiers to the Xbox Live Arcade. Toy Soldiers is a real-time strategy title in which players choose an army, and earn points by leading their forces to victory in real-time battle simulations. It gets interesting, though, when you learn that the points you earn in both the Facebook and Xbox Live Arcade versions of the game will contribute to your army’s success in this multi-platform war.

Cross platform play is something that have experimented with before, with limited success. While Signal Studios’ two newest games aren’t exactly cross platform multiplayer, they’re definitely a step in the right direction. With more than 11,000 players already active on Match Defense: Toy Soldiers, and thousands more to join the fight next week when Toy Soldiers releases to Xbox Live Arcade, this could be the most successful independently developed game the world has seen in years. Whatever the end result, you owe it to yourself to check out this game now.