Over 100 Songs Approved for Rockband Network Launch

The list of approved songs on the Rockband Network that will be available for purchase the day the RBN store finally launches has reached over 100, according to the site RBDLC.com. The actual number now stands at around 110, with more songs still in the testing phase and likely to be approved before RBN comes out of beta and launches sometime in early 2010. While many of the songs are by generally lesser known acts, some of the bigger names to reach approval are Flogging Molly’s and Jonathan Coulton. The biggest news regarding songs from RBN is that many of the songs will likely launch with a price tag between $1-$3. The lower price point means that gamers may be more likely to take a chance on a band that they haven’t heard before. For the full list of songs currently approved for the RBN launch, check out the link next to “Source” listed below.

This news could be taken one of two ways. On the one hand, having over 100 songs ready for launch is a fantastic accomplishment and shows both Harmonix’s commitment to RBN and the support of the community. While industry experts continue to lament the over saturation of the music genre, more widespread release of songs providing more variety to the gamer might give the genre the jolt that it needs to get back to massive popularity (that and fewer games). Also, as the RBDLC team correctly noted, the number of songs is more than Rockband 2 and the original DLC releases had available at their launch.The other way to look at it is that this is simply an outlet for indie bands and lesser known acts, which while not a bad idea, won’t lead to much in the way of success because gamers won’t want to spend money on bands they have never heard of, regardless of how cheap the price point is. There is some legitimacy to this argument, considering that someone could spend $10 on 7-10 RBN songs by unknown artists or save the money and spend it on three songs from a band that they know and love like Third Eye Blind. (Seriously Harmonix, I’ve asked nicely, can you PLEASE just release some Third Eye Blind DLC?)

It also remains to be seen how RBN will effect Harmonix and their weekly DLC releases. Will they abandon more indie bands and focus on more popular mainstream acts, leaving lesser known bands to release their work on the RBN? Or, will they wind down DLC altogether to just full albums and special track packs and push for all acts regardless of fame to use the Rockband Network as the new platform for song releases? Harmonix has always said that they had a massive commitment to DLC, but it would be ludicrous to think that the success or failure of Rockband Network wouldn’t effect that stance in some way shape or form. Of course we don’t know what that effect is at the moment, but its something to keep an eye on.

Source: RB DLC