Pre-Order Metro 2033, Get A Free Copy of Red Faction: Guerilla

Valve announced yesterday that Metro 2033, 4A Games’ first-person shooter set in the post-apocalyptic subways of Moscow, will be supported by Steamworks and will be made available to download via Steam.

Metro 2033 will also feature horror and RPG elements and will allow the gamer to not only explore the underground world where human survivors of an apocalyptic event have fled to and settled, but it will also feature the ability to explore the devastated ruins of Moscow above-ground. A world populated by angry humans and deadly mutants, it will be your responsibility to warn others of a pending attack and to help prevent total annihilation in the post-apocalyptic setting of Metro 2033.

Earlier this week, 4A Games and publisher THQ announced that Metro 2033 will support numerous DirectX 11 Features and released screenshots of the features in action. It will feature advanced Depth-of-Field effects and Full Tessellation on character models.

The Steamworks support for Metro 2033 will provide auto-updating, Steam Achievements, Steam support for in-game DLC, and more. In addition, gamers who pre-order Metro 2033 will be able to take advantage of THQ’s “play our games” campaign as a free copy of Red Faction: Guerilla will be awarded to all pre-order purchasers.

Metro 2033 is scheduled for release on March 15 on the PC and Xbox 360. Pre-order it while you can to take advantage of the excellent Red Faction: Guerilla deal.

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