Sony Files Universal Controller Patent

Yesterday a patent application for a universal video game console controller, filed by Sony in August of 2008, showed up on the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office website.

The patent application states that, “Just like remote controls, game consoles, and thus game controllers, are becoming widespread. It is not surprising to find more than one game console in a household, especially when competing game console manufacturers attempt to attract unconventional consumer groups in the gaming industry. As understood herein, it would be useful to have a universal controller that would be able to work with a variety of game consoles.”

According to the patent application, the controller would have a touch-sensitive LCD display that would change based upon the type of console selected. For instance, the display would reflect the control scheme of a Microsoft controller or a Nintendo or a PlayStation controller.

In addition to emulating a Nintendo or Microsoft or Sony controller, the patent also brings up an enormous number of other game consoles as well. The patent describes “a controller made by Nintendo, X-box.TM. game controllers made by Microsoft, Amiga CD-32.TM. controllers, Atari jaguar.TM. controllers, Gravis Gamepad.TM. controllers, Sega controllers, and Turbographics controllers…”

What does this all mean? Well, beyond the fact that Sony obviously wanted to create a controller that can be utilized across numerous consoles, it appears that they also intend to provide control emulations for much older consoles. All of which has to raise the possibility that Sony is developing a console emulator of some sort. Why else would they mention such ancient consoles? At least, we can hope so.

Source: U.S. Patent Office