What the MLB 2K10 Team Ratings Can Tell Us

We’ll give you a hint: The Red Sox and Yankees are really, really good.

The initial team ratings for the upcoming MLB 2K10 have been revealed and posted by the guys over at Kotaku. After the break is the list of all 30 teams and their ratings:

  • Boston Red Sox 97
  • New York Yankees 97
  • Philadelphia Phillies 91
  • Los Angeles Angels 91
  • Los Angeles Dodgers 90
  • Texas Rangers 90
  • St. Louis Cardinals 90
  • Tampa Bay Rays 89
  • Minnesota Twins 89
  • San Francisco Giants 87
  • Colorado Rockies 87
  • Milwaukee Brewers 86
  • Chicago Cubs 86
  • Atlanta Braves 85
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 84
  • Chicago White Sox 84
  • Baltimore Orioles 83
  • Seattle Mariners 81
  • New York Mets 79
  • Kansas City Royals 77
  • Oakland Athletics 77
  • Florida Marlins 76
  • Washington Nationals 75
  • Cincinnati Reds 75
  • Detroit Tigers 75
  • Houston Astros 75
  • Toronto Blue Jays 74
  • Cleveland Indians 73
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 73
  • San Diego Padres 72

Something to keep in mind is that during the season there will be roster updates, so these ratings are all subject to the current roster situations and are all very likely to change as Spring Training sees rosters finalized and the season sees injuries and disappointments crop up. Until that happens though, there are some interesting things to note here. First and foremost, though Kotaku theorizes that the game is skewed heavily toward pitching, the ratings don’t actually support that completely. The Yankee rating is a combination of the good pitching and spectacular offense, plus being the defending World Series champs you would expect them to have a solid rating. Same goes for the Phillies, who were the runners up in last year’s fall classic. However, the Red Sox who are not nearly the offensive juggernaut that they once were, certainly has their high rating based on a solid rotation (improved by the acquisition of former Angel John Lackey) and a stellar bullpen. Yet teams like the Angels and Rangers have lesser pitching staffs, and are more offensively focused, but their team ratings are also in the 90s. And San Fransisco, which had one of the best rotations in baseball last year and boasts probably the single greatest pitcher in Tim Lincecum, barely cracks the top ten. One other team, the Mariners who has a strong top three of Felix Hernandez, Cliff Lee, and Eric Bedard is well down the list of team ratings, even though they have some offensive weapons like Ichiro Suzuki. Even though pitching probably is a big part of the ratings system, its not clear cut enough to make a definitive statement about it being the most weighted stat.

The other thing to remember is that teams like the New York Mets, who have a strong offense and semi-competent pitching, were decimated by injuries last year and thus their team and individual ratings will likely suffer to start the season as 2K sports bases some of the ratings on previous year statistics. Still, with such a wide separation between the top teams and even the middle of the pack teams, its unlikely that many online match-ups will feature any teams with less than an 86 or 87 rating. In other words, get used to playing out Yankees vs Red Sox online this spring about as much as the two teams actually play. We won’t know until the game comes out if the game has been well-balanced or not, but stay tuned for more information on that, and on individual player ratings.

Source: Kotaku