BioShock 2: Now At Daytona

I’m not certain how appropriate a Big Daddy is on a stock car, but BioShock 2 will be advertised in a big way on the NASCAR circuit. GameStop-sponsored racer Joey Logano’s car was bedecked in a BioShock 2 advertisement during practice runs yesterday.

The car features a gigantic Big Daddy (that’s you!) on the front hood, carrying a Little Sister. It even features the cracked glass from the cover of the game, which is pretty cool. More importantly, any one watching a race would be hard-pressed to miss the advertisement. And considering that NASCAR somehow has lots of people watching cars go in circles for hours, it’s pretty good exposure for the title. As if it’s reputation hasn’t already preceded it – it practically sells itself!

Check out the car. Pretty sweet ride, eh?

Geoff Calver

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