Darkest of Days Movie Being Developed

The movie industry is a strange thing, especially when it comes to movies about video games. The games that you would think would get movies don’t, and the ones that shouldn’t even be games do. Such is the case with Darkest of Days. The game, which places players in the shoes of a time-traveling soldier tasked with protecting key historical figures, is currently being reworked into a blockbuster movie. Faced with this news, one is forced to wonder what this world is coming to when a game which received mediocre scores (and that’s being generous) gets a movie, but a games like Halo and Call of Duty have yet to be put on the silver screen. But in the end it all actually makes sense. For all the bad things that were said about Darkest of Days‘ gameplay and controls, the premise was always very intriguing.

The screenplay is being written by the team of David Weisberg and Douglas Cook, the guys behind the 1996 movie, The Rock, and is being produced by Jim Roth. The Creative Artists Agency is promoting the movie to various studios in Hollywood. An intended release date has not been given yet.

Though the game may not have lived up to some of the hype it received, the movie rendition of Darkest of Days has the potential to light up the film industry. It might not be the next Star Wars or Avatar, but it will definitely be interesting to watch a 19th century militiaman mow down crowds of ancient Pompeians with a fully automatic M-16.

Joe Grogan

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