Phantasmagoria and Space Quest Now Available At Good Old Games

Two More Classic Sierra Titles Added To The Good Old Games Collection, Available For Download Today

February 11, 2010 – After reaching a deal with Activision, which now owns classic Sierra titles, Good Old Games has added Phantasmagoria and Space Quest 4, 5 and 6 to their game collection, allowing PC owners to download and play the classic adventure titles.

Several weeks ago, Good Old Games first announced that they had reached a deal with Activision to make classic Sierra titles available for download. The first titles available were Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura and Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. Today gamers will be able to download two more titles, both excellent games from Sierra’s massive catalog.

Phantasmagoria is a horror adventure in which a husband and wife purchase a huge old home in the New England countryside only to begin discovering dark secrets within. Utilizing live action sequences and impressive graphics for its time (the game shipped on 8 CDs originally!), Phantasmagoria is a somewhat flawed but absolutely terrifying experience of horror, ghosts, possession and violence. It is well worth purchasing for any fan of adventure or horror.

Space Quest is a series of adventures featuring the hero Roger Wilco, a clumsy janitor who quests throughout the galaxy for “truth, justice and really clean floors.” Highly acclaimed and hilarious, the Space Quest series is full of unique puzzles and diabolically unique enemies.

Good Old Games managed a fantastic coup by gaining access to the Sierra catalog and should continue to pump out more Sierra titles in the near future. Personally I’ll be downloading Phantasmagoria and reliving the horrors I experienced playing the game at two in the morning with my friend in sixth grade. Oh, and of course I’ll be waiting for King’s Quest V and King’s Quest VI to arrive on the service so that I can relive two of the greatest adventure of all time. Oh man, and just one more request…Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within?? Thank you Good Old Games!