Monopoly: The Resident Evil Edition

Fan Creates A Stunning Monopoly Board Based on the Resident Evil Series

February 10, 2010 – Nick “Neptune” Endean, a co-founder of recently unveiled a stunning, home made Monopoly board based on the Resident Evil series.

Endean, a huge fan of the series, happened upon the idea while in University and soon began formulating ideas about how to make a Monopoly game board that captured the spirit of the games.

Taking several years altogether to complete the board – including two years off at one point – Endean crafted Chance cards that include such lines as : “You are asked to investigate grizzly murders in the Arklay Mountains, advance to The Spencer Mansion,” and “You are caught spying on the Umbrella facility in Raccoon City and sent to Rockfort Island. Go to jail move directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 pounds.” In addition, he put together a list of properties that can be purchased, the most expensive being Spencer Rain, Spencer Mansion, Benthic Island, Sheena Island and Rockfort Island. He also found unique fonts for the board, created a stunning color scheme and included amazing artwork on the board.

His dedication was tried at times and he still has a ways to go before the set is as complete as he would like it to be. He says that he still wants to make themed money, an instruction manual, die-cast pieces, a proper box for the game and Resident Evil themed houses and hotels.

The Monopoly board looks absolutely amazing and Endean claims that he won the first game on it. It’s a serious tribute to fan dedication and ingenuity – and quite honestly, I would pay to have a Resident Evil Monopoly board like that in my home.

Check out screenshots of the project below and read his full explanation of the incredible process at Project Umbrella.

Geoff Calver

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