EA Sports Canceling NCAA Basketball Series

Cancelation of NCAA Basketball Leaves Video Gaming Without Any College Basketball Series

February 10, 2010 – EA Sports director of communications, David Tinson, confirmed today that NCAA Basketball is being canceled. The series was recently left off of EA’s fiscal 2011 calendar, fueling speculation that the title wouldn’t be reappearing next fall.

In a statement to Game Informer, Tinson said, “We do not have an NCAA Basketball game in development at this time, and we’re currently reviewing the future of our NCAA Basketball business. This was a difficult decision, but we remain a committed partner to the NCAA and its member institutions.”

EA Sports NCAA Basketball was the only college basketball game on the market after 2K Sports ended their college basketball series in 2008, but being the only game on the market could not keep NCAA Basketball from the tepid sales that most likely doomed the franchise. In addition to poor sales, the game was consistently a mediocre offering and in the current economic crisis, EA can no longer afford to maintain a franchise that isn’t able to gain critical or commercial success.

Tinson also told Game Informer that the NCAA Basketball team would not be laid off but would instead be redirected to other EA Sports development teams including NBA Live and NBA Jam.