de Blob Sequel Coming to Wii

Sequel To Arrive Sometime Between This April and Next March

February 4, 2010 THQ has announced that a sequel is in the works for the Wii’s critically acclaimed platformer de Blob. At the same time as revealing plans for a Red Faction: Guerilla sequel and another game in the Saint’s Row series, THQ boss Brian Farrell said that new de Blob game would be arriving in fiscal 2011.

Don’t worry, fiscal years aren’t like your Earth years. For THQ, 2011 starts in April and will finish on March 31, 2011, so it’s entirely possible we’ll see the reappearance of developer Blue Tongue’s de Blob before 2010 is out. It’s unclear whether the sequel is being worked on by the same team as the original, but it seems likely.

de Blob was also ported to iPhone, and a DS game is in the works, but no sequel was specified for either of the portable platforms. de Blob was released in late 2008 to much critical success and had solid, if modest, sales.

via IGN

Matt Bolton

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