Quantum Theory Delayed

Tecmo Koei’s Third Person Shooter Delayed For Quality Reasons

February 2, 2010 Quantum Theory has been delayed and will not make its March 25 release date in Japan in order to improve the quality of the title. The game, developed by Tecmo Koei, will be a third person shooter.

Quantum Theory will be released, eventually, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The delay for reasons of quality can’t be seen as a bad thing. When we saw trailers for the game we remarked on its similarity to Gears of War,” but without the uniqueness or the innovativeness. It seems that Tecmo Koei is at least taking the development and quality of their titles seriously. Much better than having publisher’s put out half-finished junk.

Look for the US release date to change as well – it was tentatively scheduled for March – and expect that the game could be delayed for several months to shore up the quality of the title.

Source: Kotaku