Final Fantasy XIII Shipping on Three DVDs for Xbox 360

Latest Final Fantasy Game Will Require 3 DVDs on Xbox 360 According to GameFly Product Description

February 1, 2010 Final Fantasy XIII will ship on three DVDs for the Xbox 360 according to GameFly. The rental service noted that Final Fantasy XIII is “a three disc game” in its description of the Xbox 360 version. The PlayStation 3 version of the game will be contained on one Blu Ray disc, meaning that PlayStation 3 owners won’t have to swap discs while Xbox 360 owners will have to swap discs at least twice.

Mass Effect 2 shipped on two discs for the Xbox 360, requiring two disc swaps during the game. The disc swaps, luckily, were painless and quick. As game technology advances, DVDs are becoming too small to contain games. RAGE, the newest IP being developed by id Software, will ship on multiple discs and Forza 3 also shipped with multiple discs for extra content.

Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled to hit the states on March 9 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is being developed and published by Square Enix and has been five years in the making.

Source: GameFly via Kotaku