New Pokémon Game Coming This Year

Nintendo Announces New Pokemon Game Will Be Innovative

January 29, 2010 In Japan, Nintendo has announced the next Pokémon game in the main line will arrive in 2010. The last installments, Diamond and Pearl, were released in 2006 in Nintendo’s home country and 2007 everywhere else.

To be honest, this seems a little extreme as a response to Nintendo’s reports of a decrease in finances. It was only about a 10% decrease, and Pokémon is pretty much the biggest gun in the arsenal (Mario notwithstanding). Evidently, Nintendo has no intention of letting its pile of cash grow any slower.

The Google translation of the announcement is pretty inscrutable, but does feature the words “reborn” and “innovative” referencing the game. Will we see a significant evolution of the old formula? Will there be yet more Pokémon on top the 100,000(ish) already out there to catch? Will you have to fend off animal rights groups protesting you keeping sentient being in balls with a four inch radius? Will that miserly bastard at the start let you take all three Pokémon, instead making you pick one for no good reason.

You’ve just given me a trained attack animal. I could just take them from you.

So what do you want from a new Pokémon game? More of the same? To mix it up? And what should it be called? Sound off in the comments.

via Joystiq