Latest Modern Warfare 2 Exploits Irk Gamers

New Exploits Continue To Crop Up In Modern Warfare 2’s Online Play

January 29, 2010 Every online game has issues. Whether it’s lag, glitches or design flaws, even blockbuster titles like Modern Warfare 2 aren’t immune to this rule. For Call of Duty fans it began with matches randomly going from public to private and guns suddenly having infinite ammunition. Then came infinite numbers of care packages falling from the sky. Infinity Ward was slow to act but eventually patched these issues. Now gamers have found new exploits to take advantage of.

One of Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer-class features is the ‘perk’ system. These special abilities can be customized to give the player various traits such as faster running speed, more bullet damage or quicker reloads. One of the higher level perks is ‘One Man Army’. Normally players need to die and respawn as a new class. This perk allows players to change classes while still alive. A side effect of the class change is an ammo refill. By changing back-and-forth players can now receive infinite grenade launcher ammo. When combined with the perk ‘Danger Close’, which increases the radius and damage dealt by explosives, abusers of ‘One Man Army’ dominate matches.

Another issue currently facing the Modern Warfare 2 community is boosting. This is the practice of using friends or willing strangers to falsely inflate experience point totals. In most matches currently being played, out of the way sections of maps are being used by players for this purpose. The special equipment ‘Tactical Insertion’ allows players to place a spawn point anywhere on a map. Players are setting two of these points next to each other while one player is killed by the other. The boosting player can quickly kill the respawning enemy, racking up large amounts of undeserved experience points.

The game’s developer, Infinity Ward, has been slow to act against players taking advantage of these exploits. Modern Warfare 2‘s biggest competitor, Halo 3, has faced similar issues since it was released in September of 2007. The main difference has been the speed and urgency of Halo developer Bungie Studios’ response. Bungie has delivered waves of massive bans to players exploiting the system and boosting. Infinity Ward has taken no such action.

Some gamers have taken the matter into their own hands and are now specifically targeting boosters during matches. ‘SitRep’, a perk that allows the player to see tactical insertion points and other enemy equipment through walls, is being used by these self-proclaimed ‘Boost-Busters’ to track down the offending players and put an end to their activities. Infinity Ward has not announced any plans to go after boosters themselves.

Modern Warfare 2 was released in November of 2009 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and was widely viewed as one of the most anticipated games of all time. Developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, the title was a major critical and commercial success.