Dante’s Inferno Getting Super Bowl Ad

Report Says EA Is Investing At Least $2.5 Million For Super Bowl Spot

January 29, 2010 – EA has reportedly bought Super Bowl ad time for the upcoming hack-and-slash game Dante’s Inferno, which will be released on February 9.

The Super Bowl is the biggest event on American television. With hundreds of millions of viewers and exorbitant advertising prices, EA is investing heavily to sell Dante’s Inferno, which aims to lay claim to the God of War crowd and will try to divert gamers from the release of Bioshock 2, which is also coming out on February 9.

Dante’s Inferno is being developed by Visceral Games, who created 2008’s stunning survival horror epic, Dead Space. It is expected to be a massive hit and EA and Visceral have been making a significant marketing push for the better part of several months in anticipation of the game’s pending release.

Dante’s Inferno is based on Dante Alighieri’s classic poem, Divine Comedy, and more specifically, the Inferno portion of the poem. The game will tell the story of Dante, a crusader who, upon returning from wars in the Middle East, discovers that his fiancee, Beatrice, has been murdered and that her soul has been taken by Lucifer. Dante will fight through hell to reach Lucifer and rescue his beloved Beatrice by any means necessary.

Dante’s Inferno will be released on February 9 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. A PSP version will also be released.

Source: Industry Gamers