Red Dead Redemption Weapons & Death Trailer

New Trailer Shows Off Weaponry, Physics

January 28, 2010 – A new trailer, released by Rockstar Games, shows off the weapons of Red Dead Redemption. It also highlights the physics engine, Euphoria, which will allow enemies to react uniquely to each injury they receive. Enemies will crawl away, fall over, tumble end over end or just collapse against a wall.

The press release e-mailed to gaming websites by Rockstar this morning touts the vicious weapons technology that became available during the late 19th century. “Witness the evolution of the single-shot pistol and musket into swifter, deadlier weapons and see the first machine gun make its awesome debut to change the west forever. Players have a massive array of weapons at their disposal to take care of any situation from the sniper rifle to dynamite.”

Red Dead Redemption will be released on April 27. It will take place in a large open world environment crafted using the RAGE engine that created Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Check out the trailer for yourself below and witness the wild west’s famous shootouts in oh-so-many forms.