Flight Control To Be Reworked For iPad

Air Traffic Control Game Making the Conversion From iPhone and iPod Touch to iPad

January 27, 2010 – Fresh on the heels of news that Flight Control is closing in on the App store’s sales record comes word that developer Firemint is working on an “optimized and re-imagined version” of the game to the newly announced iPad.

The iPad features the ability for applications from a consumer’s iPhone to be transferred over. The iPhone version, Firemint noted in a press release, would be playable on the iPad. But it won’t be optimal. So, the developer is putting together an enhanced version that takes advantage of the iPad’s larger screen, higher definition and faster processor to create a significant update.

Flight Control allows players to inherit the role of an air traffic controller. Drawing paths along the screen, players point each plane to its appropriate runway. As the difficulty ramps up, more planes appear. Challenging and fun, Flight Control has been rewarded with generous reviews, including an 8/10 from IGN and Pocket Gamer.

There is no word yet on when the iPad version of the game will be released.

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