Mass Effect 2: Pre-Owned Copies To Lack Free Content

Mass Effect 2’s Cerberus Network Available Via a Code That Pre-Owned Buyers Will Have to Pay For

January 25, 2010 – EA has announced a new strategy that aims to discourage consumers from buying pre-owned copies of Mass Effect 2.

Consumers who buy a new copy of the game will receive an access code for ‘The Cerberus Network’ – an online hub for downloading free and paid-for content. But those who buy a secondhand copy will not receive the code, and so won’t be able to access any of the free content.

However, EA says there will be an option to purchase a code for gamers who buy a pre-owned copy, although no details are available as to how much the code will cost.

Pre-owned purchasers without a code will still be able to download premium DLC for Mass Effect 2, but will be locked out from the free content.

EA used a similar tactic for Dragon Age: Origins, but this is the first time that gamers have been offered the chance to purchase a code for content.