Daily Debate

Shooters or RPG’s?

With both Mass Effect 2 and MAG coming out tomorrow, we want to know, do you prefer a shooter or an RPG?

To be fair, there are RPGs that double as shooters – i.e. Mass Effect, Fallout – and there are shooters with RPG elements. And frankly, I love both RPGs and Shooters. Sometimes I just want to blow shit up, which is why I play Gears of War or Modern Warfare. Other days, I want to play a deeply involved story where I truly morph into the character in the game. It’s entirely possible to love both genres, but does one stand above the other?

I would choose an RPG over a Shooter. I love the deeply involved, highly explorable, and incredibly varied gameplay that comes with an RPG experience. To put it bluntly, if Fallout 3 and Modern Warfare 2 had come out on the same date, I would have picked up Fallout 3.

Let us know, what do you prefer to play?