Get Heron: Steam Machine Free, This Weekend Only

iPhone Version of Pipe-Puzzler Being Given Away

January 21, 2010 This weekend only, Triangle Studios is giving the iPhone version of their smash hit Heron: Steam Machine away absolutely free. The game, which is also available for download on the Wii, is a frantic mix of a pipe-puzzler and a time management game.

Players are tasked with helping Ron, the mechanic at the local rubber ducky factory, operate a steam machine. The goal is to connect different colored pipes from one end of the screen to the other, while keeping a close eye on the machine’s water, oil, electricity, and steam meters. If a meter fills up before a pipe of the corresponding element has been completed, well, let’s just say Ron’s going to be in a lot of trouble. It starts out nice and easy, with only one meter filling up at a time, but the action quickly becomes blisteringly fast, with no room for error.

Normally Heron: Steam Machine is priced at $0.99, but this weekend only (January 23 and 24), it’s completely free to anybody with an iPhone or iPod Touch. With fast paced, addicting gameplay, a comically cute story, and a unique art style, the game will appeal to both hardcore fans of the puzzle genre as well as a younger, less mature audience. If you own an iPhone, you owe it to yourself to download this great title, but the deal is only around for two days, so get it while it’s hot.

Edit: I checked the App Store on my computer right after I finished this article and, as it turns out, Hero: Steam Machine is available for free download now.  Although it would appear the deal has started early, there is no clue as to whether it will last past the January 24 end date, or if it will continue longer than expected.  Either way, this is good news for iPhone gamer, who now have even longer to take advantage of this great offer.

Ron’s boss is not a happy man.