Daily Debate

What Is Your Game of the Decade?

According to some, the past decade is over. Others will vehemently defend that there is still one year left in the first decade of this new millennium. Either way, let’s acknowledge the last ten years of gaming and discuss something fun today. We want to know, what is your game of the decade?

I’ll start the conversation with my own contribution. My game of the decade is Deus Ex. A tough choice given the tantalizing options I have in front of me: Half-Life 2, GTA III, Halo: Combat Evolved. And yet, no game left me so awe struck, so deeply engrossed, so completely flummoxed by its brilliance as did Deus Ex.

Deus Ex takes place in a future where a pandemic, “the grey death” is sweeping throughout the world and in which a vaccine, produced by a mega corporation, VersaLife, is in short supply. As a result, the vaccine is reserved for those who are considered “critical” persons – i.e. government officials, the rich and powerful, scientists and the military. In response to the lack of a vaccine, riots erupt and terrorists take action to try and force a fair distribution of the vaccine.

You play as JC Denton, a nanotechnologically-augmented UNATCO agent. Over the course of the game, JC uncovers a conspiracy and finds himself fighting against the very people he used to work for.

The game is stunning on so many levels. It offers a vast array of options for tackling objectives and can virtually be played without killing a single enemy. It combined RPG elements with shooter-based action and took players around the world, from New York and the Statue of Liberty to Hong Kong, Paris, Vandenberg Air Force Base and Area 51. The story was engrossing, the characters were vividly created and each had their own personality and the world was fully, beautifully realized.

Deus Ex is my game of the decade. A tough choice indeed, but now, we want to know, what is your game of the decade? Let us know below!