Daily Debate

What Is Your Most Anticipated Game of 2010?

It’s the beginning of 2010 but lots of games are already on the short pipeline to being released. Bayonetta and Army of Two: The 40th Day already have come out and more are shortly on their way, including such heavyweights as Mass Effect 2, Heavy Rain and God of War III.

It’s been ages since gamers had such a diverse, stunning lineup of games at the beginning of the year, which only serves to highlight how much time is left for even more big releases like Halo Reach, Fable III, and Gran Turismo 5 (maybe).

So, we want to know: What game are you most excited about this year? What game are you looking forward to playing more than anything else. What title is going to have you standing in the pouring rain outside of Gamestop at 11:59 PM the day before its release. Itching for that door to open at midnight.

Will it be one of the above mentioned titles? Or will it be Bioshock 2 or Yakuza 3 or Starcraft 2 or Red Dead Redemption?

Cough it up! What do you want to play now?