3D Technology On The Rise, 3D Gaming Specs On The Way

GUNNAR Optiks Announces 3D Gaming Glasses at CES

January 6, 2010 – Over the past year, 3D movies have been all the rage. From 3D re-releases of family classics like ‘Toy Story’ to blockbuster hits like ‘Avatar’, more and more movies are taking advantage of the technology. So, with the third dimension doing so well in theaters, wouldn’t the next obvious step be 3D video games? The team over at GUNNAR Optiks, manufacturer of high-quality gaming shades, think so. Earlier today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas they announced a new line of specs designed specially for 3D gaming.

The glasses will work with all standard 3D television sets and feature a comfortable ergonomic design, unlike the cardboard cutout glasses that they hand out in theaters, which cut up your ears. GUNNAR Optiks co-founder Joe Croft stated “While typical 3D eye wear is stamped from a flat sheet of plastic, GUNNAR lenses are shaped, formed, and cut to provide distortion free optics. For the amount of technology that goes into the creation and delivery of the content, it is a shame that the weakest link in any 3D system today is the eye wear used to view the final product. We are proud to announce our success in creating lenses of the highest optical quality to give a premium visual experience.” That’s a relief to hear. No more staring at the screen through flimsy pieces of red and blue plastic wrap.

Although the 3D shades are due out later this year, no specific date has been given. When they hit the market the glasses will sell for anywhere between $89 and $149 per pair, depending on which model you choose.

GUNNAR Optiks is well known for their glasses designed for gamer’s looking to preserve their eyesight during those all night gaming marathons. They are designed to protect gamers from the harmful UV rays produced by televisions and to tone down the brightness of the screen while still allowing for vibrant colors and sharp images. They manufacture five lines of gaming glasses and three lines of outdoor sunglasses designed with style in mind. Their products may be a little pricey, but for the quality and style they’re well worth the price, and a great investment for any serious gamer.

Sources: Kotaku and GUNNAR Optiks

Ombre, From GUNNAR’s Metallic Collection
Phantom, From GUNNAR’s ESPORTS Collection
Wi-Five, From GUNNAR’s Catalyst Collection