First Dragon Age Expansion Pushed Back, More to Come in March

Mysterious Cancelation of DLC That Was Due Today; Announcement of New DLC With 15 Hours of New Content

January 5, 2010 EA and Bioware have announced the rumored Awakening, but Return to Ostagar, the first proper expansion for Dragon Age: Origins, has been pushed back to sometime later this month.

The folks behind Dragon Age: Origins, the winner of numerous 2009 RPG of the Year awards, are taking us on a little rollercoaster ride. The PC and Xbox 360 versions of the Return to Ostagar expansion pack were scheduled to be released today, but as fans of Origins may have noticed, they are nowhere to be found. Neither Bioware nor EA has offered an explanation for the delay, though Chris Priestly, Community Manager of the Bioware forums, did confirm it late last night:

“We’re sorry but the planned Return to Ostagar downloadable content scheduled to launch on January 5th has been delayed for all platforms.   We will update you as new information becomes available.”

In the interests of damage control, Bioware announced today that a separate Dragon Age: Origins expansion pack will be released on March 16th. Awakening, which had been grinding through the rumor mill this past week thanks to an overzealous kiwi online retailer, looks to be a much more meaty expansion than any released thus far. According to the official Dragon Age website:

“…Awakening will let players take control of the Grey Wardens and face off against a new intelligent breed of darkspawn. Featuring an increased level cap, new spells, abilities, specializations and items, plus five all-new party members, players can continue their adventures from Dragon Age, or begin with a brand new party.”

The Awakening expansion will be set in entirely new area of the game world known as Amaranthine, and is rumored to hold at least 15 hours of new content. RPG fans, rejoice!

Source: Bioware Forums