Dante’s Inferno Demo Available on Xbox Live

Xbox 360 Gamers Can Now Test Out Dante’s Inferno

December 24, 2009 – The demo for Dante’s Inferno, made available on December 10 for the Playstation 3, is now available on the Xbox 360. The staggered demo release came with the news that a “Divine Edition” of Dante’s Inferno would be made available to Playstation 3 users exclusively, but Xbox 360 owners now have the opportunity to test out the game and explore its gameplay elements.

The demo can be downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace today, and follows the hero, Dante, through the first circle of Hell.

Dante’s Inferno tells the story of Dante Alighieri, a crusader who returns home from years of war in the Middle East to discover that the love of his life, Beatrice, has been murdered and her soul has been taken by Lucifer. He will venture through the nine circles of Hell to rescue Beatrice and defeat every demon that stands in his way.

Dante’s Inferno is being developed by Visceral Games, the team behind Dead Space, and will be available on February 9, 2010 in North America and February 12, 2010 in Europe.