MAG Goes Gold, Beta Client Available For Download Today

MAG Beta 5 Available January 4, Client Available to Download Today

December 22, 2009 – Zipper Interactive’s MAG, a massive multiplayer shooter that touts having 256 players fighting on the same map, has gone gold in North America, according to a statement released on the Playstation blog yesterday.

The release stated that MAG has gone gold in North America and in “Japan, Korea, and the rest of Asia.” The title, coming in with lots of hype because of the sheer size of the online battlefield and player numbers, will also have an open Beta, MAG Beta 5, beginning on January 4. The client can be downloaded today via PSN. The beta will take place worldwide, enabling players from Japan to France to the U.S. to play together. There won’t be any codes required. The only requirement is that you download the client in order to begin play when it is released on January 4.

In North America, gamers will be able to download the client beginning today while in Asia it will be available on Christmas Day and in Europe it will be available on January 4.

The statement also included details about how to download the client in North America:

1. Visit the Playstation Store and download the MAG Beta file like you would any other freely-available PSN video or demo (298 MB)

2. Launch the MAG Beta program from your XMB to download a special patch that will restart MAG once the update has been received (another 38 MB)

3. After the reboot, the beta will reconnect and download the actual game data so that you can play (1.8 GB – 2.3 GB depending on your region)

The beta will be available to play from January 4 to January 10, beginning at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time on January 4.

MAG is being developed by Zipper Interactive and being published by Sony. It will be released on January 26 in North America and Asia, January 28 in Japan, and January 29 in Korea and Europe.

Source: US Playstation Blog