Dante’s Inferno Christmas Carol

Merry Christmas From Dante’s Inferno and Visceral Games!

December 22, 2009 – The marketing team at EA and Visceral Games has produced a Christmas Carol befitting of the game Dante’s Inferno. The carol, featuring the lewd characters of Dante’s Inferno, can be seen below.

Dante’s Inferno will follow the Crusader, Dante, as he returns home from years of war in the Middle East. He finds his love, Beatrice, murdered, and her soul has been stolen by Lucifer. Traveling to the gates of Hell, Dante intends to defeat Lucifer and win back Beatrice’s soul. The game will feature 9 unique levels based upon the circles of Hell from Dante’s Inferno, the epic poem by Dante Alighieri.

Dante’s Inferno is set to arrive on February 9, 2010 in North America and February 12, 2010 in Europe.