DSi LL To Arrive In North America, Europe in Early 2010

DSi LL To Be Released In North America, Europe

Going big seems to be the last thing that today’s culture wants in handheld technology. With the exception of plasma screen tvs, the smaller techolgy gets these days, the better they seem to become! ; see iPods, phones and hybrid cars.

Apparently, Nintendo doesnt think so (they like to go against the grain, apparently). The nintendo DSi LL ( or XL) is coming the North American and European markets next year (I know you know Japan already has it). Why is it called LL? I think it’s because the unit is bigger than the DSi…but thats just a guess.

Physically, everything is is bigger on the LL, even the stylus. Internally though, its the same as its little brother; 256 megs of memory is built in, and the unit itself can still play all DSi games. It still cant, however, play any GameBoy Advanced titles.

In addition, games are reportedly going to look sharper on the new DSi’s big screen. The DSi LL was released in Japan earlier this year and will see a North American and European release in the first quarter of 2010.